Home Theater Seating Options and Accessories

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United Leather offers a variety of home theater seating accessories and options to suit your needs. Ranging from Storage unit compartments to Powered USB connections. Below you will find the information for each option and accessory available. Options and accessories are compatible with all our theater seating unless otherwise noted.

All dimensions are approximate and subject to change.

Power Standard & Standard Manual Mechanism​

Power Wallsaver & Manual Wallsaver Mechanism
Not available on Hollywood, Broadway, or Apollo

Fin Arm Insert
20" x 11" x 4"

Cupholder Tray Table
16 1/2" x 12 1/2" x 5 1/2"

Storage Unit
Not available on Hollywood,
Apollo or Palacio

Wood Grain Table Top w/ 6" Extension
(Available with 4" Extension)

Black Table Top w/ 6" Extension
(Available with 4" Extension)

Tablet Holder w/ 6" Extension
(Available with 4" Extension)

Power Grommet
(Non-Power Available)

Flexible Reading Light
(Power Operated)

Flexible Reading Light
(Battery Operated & Non-Battery Operated)

Headrest Pillow
(Zippered or Loose)

Power USB LED Switch
(Available in Power Standard and Power Wallsaver)

(Non-Compatible with LED light strips)

(Compatible with LED Light Strips)

LED Lighted Strips
(Multi-Color with Touch Sensor)
NOT available with Power Standard Mechanism

Dual USB Port 

Stemware wine holder
(For use with Grommet)

Cupholder Stemware Wine Holder
(For use inside cupholder)