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United Leather warrants your frame for life against defects in material and workmanship. If your frame ever breaks under normal usage, we will fix it free of charge.

Suspension System

United Leather warrants your suspension system for life against tearing or separating from the frame under normal usage.


United Leather warrants your foam for 5 years against tearing or collapsing due to defects in material or workmanship. We advise the Purchaser that softening of the cushion, which is the result of normal use, should not be confused with loss of resiliency due to defects in construction or materials.


United Leather warrants your stitching for 5 years against defects in materials, workmanship, tearing or separating from the fabric/leather under normal household usage.


(Where Applicable) United Leather warrants the metal mechanism (manual) for 3 years or motorized mechanism for 1 year against defects in materials and workmanship under normal usage. For the manual mechanism, after the first year from date of delivery, the mechanism warranty covers replacement parts only and does not cover labor.

Heat/Massage Unit

United Leather warrants your heat/massage unit for 1 year from date of delivery against defects in materials. Warranty covers replacement parts only and does not cover labor.


United Leather guarantees that all leathers used are 100% top-grain. United Leather warrants your leather for 5 years against splitting and natural scars from opening. During the first year from date of delivery, United Leather warrants against cracking, peeling, or premature fading under normal usage.

Natural markings such as barbed wire nicks, healed scars, neck and leg wrinkles, healed insect bites and brands are natural hallmarks of leather. These are proof that only real cowhide leather has been used. Because each cowhide is unique and distinctive, United Leather does not guarantee, that any leathers used on leather swatches, furniture previously purchased or repairs will match in color, grain or texture.

This warranty does not include coverage for wrinkling, placement of natural marks, stretching, variations in color, grain, texture or improper cleaning and care of leather.

Using cleaners and conditioners not formulated for the specific grade of leather, could cause direct damage and void the terms of this warranty. Ask your dealer specialist for information about obtaining proper products.

Warranty Claims

When making a claim under warranty, the Original Purchaser must provide proof of purchase. This warranty applies to the Original Purchaser. During the first 7 days after delivery or pickup, United Leather will pick up and return any product free of charge if warranty applies. After 7 days from delivery date, this warranty only covers replacement parts and labor. United Leather will repair or replace, at its sole option. If identical materials are unavailable at the time of repair, United Leather reserves the right to substitute materials of equal quality. This warranty does not include commercial, contract, rental trade, institutional or other non-residential usage. United Leather shall in no event be responsible for any incidental or consequential damage, including loss of time, usage or money and in no event shall the responsibility of United Leather exceed the purchase price of the product or its replacement.


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